Con Job: Hoax Hate Crimes In Trump’s America

Since Election Day 2016, corporate media and civil liberties watchdogs have flooded the airwaves with horrific accounts of minority Americans terrorized by bigoted, white Trump supporters: Muslim girls with hijabs torn from their heads, playgrounds scrawled with neo-Nazi graffiti, Jewish community centers evacuated by bomb threats and black churches burnt to rubble.

And one after another, these shocking crimes turn out to be big, steaming hoaxes, reported to weary police and a salivating press by attention-seeking, campus agitators, spiteful liberals, and random malcontents using Donald Trump and “white America” as convenient scapegoats.

As they do whenever a Republican is on the ballot, the establishment Left and their media handlers spent a full eighteen months trying to link Donald Trump and his supporters with racial violence.

A week before Election Day, a 110-year-old, African American church in Greenville, Mississippi was set ablaze. 80% of the structure was destroyed and “Vote Trump” was painted on the smoldering ruin.

Cleve Wootson of the Washington Post told readers that the fire was “sparked by the incendiary rhetoric of GOP nominee Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.”

The arsonist turned out to be 45-year-old Andrew McClinton, a black member of the church.

In a jaw-dropping statement, Mississippi State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney blandly told reporters, “We do not believe it was politically motivated.”

When voters handed Donald Trump an Electoral College landslide on November 8, the media went code red and launched the first phase in a multilateral response.

The New York Times fired the opening shot the following morning with “Donald Trump Win Has Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims Bracing for a Long 4 Years”, giving hysterical activists a handy fact sheet for the white supremacist hate wave it was looking for.

On cue – a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana reported that she had been attacked by “white men wearing Trump hats” while walking to campus.

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