Pax Hart

Genesis 27: Jacob Takes Esau’s Blessing

This is almost a farce… similar to the ridiculous nature of a lot of Genesis and very telling of the humor of religious mythology from Sumer.

God creates a planet filled with life, two creatures in his image, and places them in perfect utopia… then tells them: “I’ve created all this for you, but I’m putting this one tree right in front of you. If you eat from it, you’ll curse the entire planet forever.”

Noah and his sons survive a global cataclysm and are left to repopulate the planet. Noah gets drunk with his bare ass exposed and his son laughs over it. For that he and his entire descendants are cursed into slavery.

Abraham pulls the “She’s not my wife, she’s my sister” scam not once but twice. Then his son pulls the same scam.

Now Jacob and Rebekah pull a scam on his father right out of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’, changing the course of history. Isaac couldn’t have hauled Jacob in and punished him for his deception and rescinded his blessing?