Pax Hart

Genesis 36: Esau’s Descendants

I’m unclear why this appears as Esau is not in line on the path to salvation. Unless any of these descendants appear later on. This is much in the mode of Ishmael and Isaac. You have one chosen brother and one who fades into obscurity.

Both Jacob and Esau became wealthy and powerful, just as Isaac and Ishmael each became powerful in their own right.

This list does point out that we are filling in the region with tribes before anyone was called an Israelite.

This is also in the tradition of Sumerian kings lists so, as a documented history of bloodlines, it is on par with the period of when the bible was written.

Another thought is that this is another interlude to pull you into the story, waiting for the next moment that God appears.

It is cool that Esau got a nice shoutout after all Jacob put him through. I guess the writers are telling us that, yes; Esau was just as important to be included.

How would Jacob have turned out without having Esau as a brother?