Pax Hart

Genesis 44: A Silver Cup in a Sack

We have a scene which could possibly be some foreshadowing of redemption:

Joseph is is torturing the brothers now, He plants his silver cup in their bags to wrongfully accuse them of theft.

Judah offers himself into slavery (very likely a death sentence if he’s sent to the mines) in order to save Benjamin from the same fate and to save his father from certain death by grief.

Judah has gone from the one who casually suggesting selling his brother into slavery, albeit to save him from death, and is now offering his life to protect his father and his father’s favorite son.

Back in chapter 38, Judah was already humbled when he accidentally had sex with his daughter-in-law Tamar and got her pregnant. Now Judah is offering his life selflessly.

If anyone should find favor with God, Judah has proven himself worthy.

The silver cup could also be some sort of symbol. It is used not just for drinking but for divination.